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About Neil Williams

About Neil Williams

Level 2 PGA Professional

I’ve been playing Golf since I was 8 years old with family and friends and have won numerous  amateur golf competitions helping to obtain a handicap of 2 before I started the PGA. Now knowing I enjoy coaching just as much as playing the beautiful game I’ve decided to continue my skills in coaching.

My approach to teaching golf is to keep it simple, I will help you to hit a perfect golf shot at your own pace through visual, kinetic or verbal learning. To see good results a golf drill will be added to your practice to help you on your way to play better golf.

I’m available for coaching at Salisbury Driving Range or Christey-Clover Golf Academy.

mobile: 07791 726144

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30 Min – £30

Flightscope – V1 Video Analysis – BodiTack

A brief understanding of whats exactly is going on with your ball flight using flight scope. Swing Video of your current Technique along with the Flightscope data collected. Quick description of what needs to happen to change the ball flight along with a drill or two to help you on your way to improve.

55 Min – £45

Flightscope – V1 Video Analysis – BodiTack

You’ll gain an in-depth understanding of whats exactly is going on with your ball flight using flight scope. Swing Video of your current Technique along with the Flightscope data collected and stored/saved. Full description of what needs to happen to change the ball flight along with a drill or two to help you on your way to improve. Advise and guidance during the drill or game to see a noticeable difference from the original ball flight.


NEW: Total Game Improvement 

2.5 Hours – £100

Get your whole game in check before within 2.5 hours. Each participant will get a free Memory Stick with following improvements:

  1. Tomi Putting Analysing
  2. SuperSpeed Warm Up
  3. V1 Swing Check and Ball Flight Improvement with Wedges, Irons, Hybird and Driver
  4. Improve Swing Efficiency with BodiTrack to gain Distance and Controll
  5. Wedge Gapping
  6. Full Bag Distancing Check

Playing Lesson

1.5 Hours – £60

Playing lessons are the road to success! In the playing lesson you’ll focus less on the swing and more about how you apply that swing to the golf course. Lessons help you understand the playing strategy, improve your course management skills, encourage better club selection and ultimately achieve your best score.


NEW: Putt Like the Pros 

1.5 Hours – £70


Find out how to putt like the pro with the Tomi Putting Technology used by many Tour Players all over the world.  A full assessment of your putting stroke, equipment and style will be evaluated. The Tomi Putting Technology produces a detail report on the following parameters of you stroke (found below). Your specific training will  based your own stoke and feel to produce a true and consistent technique.  We’ll then head out the the putting green and put the new technique to practice while building up your distance control, aim and green reading.

  • Alignment at Set and Impact
  • Impact Spot
  • Path at Impact
  • Stoke Path and Rotation
  • Shaft Angle
  • Speed at Impact
  • Stoke Tempo


“Get on to Golf” – £69

The complete package to how to play golf. Equipment will be provided
1.5 Hours – Putting, Chip Shot, Pitch Shot
1 Hour – Irons, Hybrids, Drivers
1 Hour – Playing lesson

Improvement Package – £160

5X 30 minute Coaching Lesson & 1 hour on the course
Fantastic way to improve your golf skills from all areas of the game whether it is bunker play, pitch shots, ball striking with irons straighter drivers off the tee. Recommended weekly use.


Players Package

• 5X 55 Minuets – £180 (Buy 4 get 1 Free)
• 10X 55 Minuets – £320 (Buy 8 get 2 Free)
• 15X 55 Minuets – £540 (Buy 12 get 3 Free)

Are you driven and passionate about your golf game? Do you have a strong desire to improve your skills and performance levels? If so, these packages are developed specifically for you. Programs are built to suit your exact needs. Use of Flightscope Technology, Tomi Puttlab Technology and BodiTrack all included

NEW: “Go Long” Package Using
SuperSpeed & BodiTrack

  • 6X 30 Minuets – £180 (Six week long)
  • 6X 30 Minuets + SuperSpeed Training  Set  – £350
  • SuperSpeed Training Set – £200

Fist we will find out your current club head speed using Flightscope and learn which effective way to to build up club head speed using BodiTrack. Next we’ll do the SuperSpeed OverSpeed Training while the Flightscope is recording your club head speed. Finally hit some balls and see the results. Each participant session will record their numbers and build up their club head speed till the following week.


Ladies Group Golf Lessons –

• £8 roll up or
• £65 for 10X Classes

“Find Out How to Hit The Ball Futher”

• £40 Per Person

Friday 28th June at 4pm
2 Hour Session
Max 5 Golfers
Lean to hit the ball further with the help of Flightscope, BodiTract and SuperSpeed working on the five factors to create more distance including:
• Fitness
• Technique
• Club Tech
• Optimum Driving Conditions
• Proven Specific Training Methods

Always found Neil very flexible and patient.My game definitely suffered without my monthly tune up.

Nick Lund

Via Email - March 2017

I don’t think we say it enough but we all think you are a fantastic pro and have made our golf such a happy part of our life.  We all look forward to Wednesdays, and this is mostly due to your way of teaching and making us feel so positive.  It’s a great gift!.

Angela Hodge

Via Email - January 2017

You won’t find a more thoughtful, patient and insightful golf coach than Neil Williams.  In a few lessons, he has turned my fear of using my driver to a strength and now I can’t wait to start working with him on the short game.  I can’t recommend him highly enough! Good luck and happy golfing!

Samir Vyas

Via Text - March 2017

Neil’s methodology and approach are innovative. I took lessons with a friend of mine and Neil adapted each lesson in order to meet our individual requirements and skill level.
Take ownership of what you are given, work on the drills and you will reap the rewards. Accuracy and added distance are an asset in any golfers bag. See you soon for my continued development…..

Andy Charlesworth

Via Email - March 2017

After a long break we decided we wanted to play golf again but knew we needed a little help to get back into it.  We wanted a golf coach who would listen to our individual problems and were lucky to find Neil in Salisbury.  His explanations, demonstrations and patience are outstanding and we are happy to make a 40 mile round trip for his lessons.  Neil’s enthusiasm is infectious he really teaches you to understand the mechanics as well as the mental and course management aspects you need to play golf.  His teaching methods really work and he will definitely improve your game.  A really great coach.

Jim and Dawn Hickets

Via email - March 2017

I felt I was loosing my way on the course and this was clear to see as lack of distance and lack of positivity was clear to see.I was trying to tweak a few things without really understanding exactly what I was doing. After a chat with Neil followed by a lesson in the bay and then a 9 hole playing lesson (highly recommend) we changed the set up slightly and I can honestly say, the last 6 rounds have just got better and better and I am undoubtedly playing some of the most consistent drilled golf I have ever played.
⛳️6 rounds without loosing a ball.
⛳️3 under par rounds.
⛳️30-40 yards on my drives and total control on my irons and woods.
Neil communicates very well and gets his point across very effectively. I totally value his advice, professionalism and approach to coaching and would highly recommend Neil.
Gavin Burden

March 2017


Video Analysis is essential visual tool to accelerate your swing changes. It will literally show the improvements you have made over the weeks, months and even years. The combination of using the 12.9inch Apple iPad and V1+ is the state of the art Video Analysis software makes the experience very effective.


* Huge library of Tour Professional model swings

* Compare two videos in slow motion and frame-by-frame

* Overlay two videos for more precise comparison

* Unlimited cloud storage for back tracking previous lessons

* 240 FPS in HD

* Playback in slow motion and frame-by-frame

* Review swings with telestration

* Accelerate, trim, zoom in, and flip videos

* Share videos on social media and via email

Boditrak is the only pressure mat on the market today that is fully integrated with FlightScope and V1.

The Boditrak provides real time data on how a golfer interacts with the ground, showing pressure distribution and pressure trace. It also offers vertical forces, showing how the golfer pushes away from the ground. Changing how we use the ground can deliver immediate changes to the body and the club moves.

Analysed Data

  • Pressure distribution heat map
  • Centre of pressure position
  • Pressure of distribution on left and right feet
  • Pressure distribution of heel and toe for both feet
  • Stance width
  • Velocity Graph demonstrating kinematic transition through the swing

With the Flightscope technology we’re able to analyse every single aspect of your swing with military precision. With its 3D Doppler tracking radar, FlightScope provides the most accurate information available for golf shot analysis.

Analysed Data
Ball Data

  • Ball Speed
  • Vertical Launch Angle
  • Horizontal Launch Angle
  • Vertical Descent Angle
  • Smash Factor
  • Spin Rate
  • Spin Axis
  • Carry Distance
  • Roll
  • Total Distance
  • Lateral Landing
  • Apex Height
  • Flight Time
  • Shot Dispersion

Club Data

  • Club Speed
  • Club Speed Profile
  • Club Acceleration Profile
  • Face Angle
  • Face to Path
  • Dynamic Loft
  • Angle of Attack
  • Club Path
  • Vertical Swing Plane
  • Horizontal Swing Plane

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